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My work as a School Board Member…and Why I’m Running Again
I am running for re-election to carry on the crucial work of preparing PAUSD students for the 21st century global economy. All of our students deserve a top-quality education that promotes their full academic and social development, encourages them to be excited about learning, and builds skills they need to succeed in a changing world!

These are the same values that have guided my work as your Trustee since my first campaign in 2008, but in this re-election campaign I bring the additional benefit of five packed years of Board experience and knowledge. My first term began by fulfilling my campaign promise to apply my business skills to the development of a clear, specific and measurable vision for the future. I obtained pro bono strategic consulting support and worked on broad community involvement for our Strategic Plan that continues to provide direction for PAUSD. Since then, I have encouraged the creation of partnerships with community stakeholders to foster initiatives including improved graduation standards and alignment with California public university entrance requirements; improved student academic and emotional supports; enhanced teacher training and use of teaching technology; conservative management of District budgets; and effective oversight of Parcel Tax and Bond revenues for structural improvements.

In each of these major areas, I have spent the last five years gaining an ever-deeper understanding of ways to enact our community’s strong values and to fulfill the Board’s promise to protect and extend Palo Alto Unified School District’s record of excellence in the face of ever-tightening resources. I particularly look forward to extending key community partnerships that have taken hold in the last five years and which will be crucial to protecting our fiscal resources, strategic oversight, facilities improvement and fundamental commitment to educational excellence for every child in PAUSD. Although these projects continue to take new forms as our times evolved, the values I put forward in 2008 remain as I stated them then:

“Now more than ever, we need to work together to ensure that all PAUSD students graduate with the academic and social skills they will need to succeed in a changing world. As an advocate for schools and families, I have seen what a difference our Board can make. I stand ready to bring my full range of business and civic leadership skills to the job.”

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